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Willkommen in der neuen Wiki der elektrischen Kontakte

Die Grundlage dieser Wiki ist die 2012er Ausgabe des "DODUCO Datenbuch der elektrischen Kontakte", welches auch in gedruckter Form erhältlich ist.
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Precipitation Hardening Copper Alloys

Besides the naturally hard copper materials precipitation hardening copper alloys play also an important role as carrier materials for electrical contacts. By means of a suitable heat treatment finely dispersed precipitations of a second phase can be achieved which increase the mechanical strength of these copper alloys significantly.

Copper-Beryllium Alloys (Beryllium Bronze)

The cause for precipitation hardening of CuBe materials is the rapidly diminishing solubility of beryllium in copper as temperature dec...

Zufällige Dateien

Precipitation hardening of AuCu14Pt9Ag4.jpg
Precipitation hardening of AuCu14Pt9Ag4 at different hardening temperatures after 50% cold working
Pages: Gold Based Materials,
Werkstoffe auf Gold-Basis

by Doduco Redaktion

Material transfer under DC load.jpg
Material transfer under DC load a) Cathode; b) Anode. <br /> Material: AgNi0.15; Switching parameters: 12V<sub>DC</sub>, 3 A, 2x10<sup>6</sup> operations
Pages: Switching Contacts,
Schaltende Kontakte

by Doduco Redaktion