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Welcome to our Wiki of electrical contacts

The basis of this Wiki is the 2012 issue of the "DODUCO Data Book of Electrical Contacts" which is also available in printed form.
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Tungsten and Molybdenum Based Materials

Tungsten and Molybdenum (Pure Metals)

Tungsten is characterized by its advantageous properties of high melting and boiling points, sufficient electrical and thermal conductivity and high hardness and density . It is mainly used in the form of brazed contact tips for switching duties that require a rapid switching sequence such as horn contacts for cars and trucks.

Molybdenum has a much lesser importance as a contact material since it is less resistant against oxidation than tungsten.

Both metals are however...

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Powder metallurgical manufacturing of composite materials (schematic).jpg
Powder-metallurgical manufacturing of composite materials (schematic) T<sub>s</sub> = Melting point of the lower melting component
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Kontaktwerkstoffe für die Elektrotechnik

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Strain hardening of NiCu30Fe by cold working.jpg
Strain hardening of NiCu30Fe by cold working
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