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Welcome to our Wiki of electrical contacts

The basis of this Wiki is the 2012 issue of the "DODUCO Data Book of Electrical Contacts" which is also available in printed form.
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Applications for Bonding Technologies

Wire Bonding

Wire bonding is the manufacturing process for creating metallurgical bond connections between a thin wire (12.5 – 50 µm for gold fine-wires and 150 – 500 µm for aluminum thick-wires) and a suitably coated circuit carrier through friction welding. In principle this process consists of pressure welding with the aid of ultrasound. The metallurgical bond is mainly caused by frictional heat created through the relative movement between the two bonding partner materials. To achieve high reliability over longer time and un...

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Strain hardening of AgPd50 by cold working.jpg
Strain hardening of AgPd50 by cold working
Pages: Werkstoffe auf Silber-Basis,
Silver Based Materials

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Mechanical Properties of the Most Important Metals

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