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Welcome to our Wiki of electrical contacts

The basis of this Wiki is the 2012 issue of the "DODUCO Data Book of Electrical Contacts" which is also available in printed form.
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Electroless Plating

Electroless Plating

Electroless plating is defined as a coating process which is performed without the use of an external current source. It allows a uniform metal coating independent of the geometrical shape of the parts to be coated. Because of the very good dispersion capability of the used electrolytes also cavities and the inside of drilled holes in parts can be coated for example. In principal two different mechanisms are employed for electroless plating: processes in which the carrier material serves as a red...

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Commonly Used Grades of Gold.jpg
Commonly Used Grades of Gold

by Doduco Redaktion

Mechanical properties of brass depending on the copper content.jpg
Mechanical properties of brass depending on the copper content (after cold working of 0 and 50%)
Pages: Naturharte Kupfer-Legierungen,
Naturally Hard Copper Alloys

by Doduco Redaktion