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Welcome to our Wiki of electrical contacts

The basis of this Wiki is the 2012 issue of the "DODUCO Data Book of Electrical Contacts" which is also available in printed form.
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Contact Materials for Electrical Engineering
The contact parts are important components in switching devices. They have to maintain their function from the new state until the end of the functional life of the devices. The requirements on contacts are rather broad. Besides typical contact properties such as
• High arc erosion resistance
• High resistance against welding
• Low contact resistance
• Good arc moving properties
• Good arc extinguishing capability they have to exhibit phy...

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Softening of Ag C DF after annealing.jpg
Softening of Ag/C DF after annealing
Pages: Werkstoffe auf Silber-Basis,
Silver Based Materials

by Doduco Redaktion

Material transfer under DC load.jpg
Material transfer under DC load a) Cathode; b) Anode. <br /> Material: AgNi0.15; Switching parameters: 12V<sub>DC</sub>, 3 A, 2x10<sup>6</sup> operations
Pages: Switching Contacts,
Schaltende Kontakte

by Doduco Redaktion