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Welcome to our Wiki of electrical contacts

The basis of this Wiki is the 2012 issue of the "DODUCO Data Book of Electrical Contacts" which is also available in printed form.
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Definition of Terms and Symbols

Definition of Terms and Symbols

Note: The symbols for electrical contact specific terms i.e. contact area, contact resistance, etc. have been retained from the german version of the Data Book. In related English literature some of them may vary using subscript symbols related to the language used – for example “contact resistance”: as used here from german Rk, in english mostly Rc.


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Precipitation hardening of CuBe2 at 325C.jpg
Precipitation hardening of CuBe2 at 325°C after different cold working
Pages: Precipitation Hardening Copper Alloys,
Aushärtbare Kupfer-Legierungen

by Doduco Redaktion

Strain hardening of AgNi9010 by cold working.jpg
Strain hardening of Ag/Ni 90/10 by cold working
Pages: Silver Based Materials,
Werkstoffe auf Silber-Basis

by Doduco Redaktion