AlCunnect - Aluminium Copper Composite

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AlCunnect is a composite material consisting of aluminium and copper. It is manufactured using the process of cold roll bonding with an additional heat treatment, which then enables the fixed connection between the two metals. There are existing two types of AlCunnect. One variation is known as the overlap composite, which is produced by overlapped plates of aluminium and copper. The second variation, known as the overlay composite, is plated over the entire surface of the semi-finished metals. The clad metal makes the use of copper and aluminium bonding possible. The combination of the metals decreases material expenses by replacing copper with aluminium. In addition, the use of the light metal aluminium leads to a considerable reduction in weight.

Use of AlCunnect The possibilities of using AlCunnect are numerous. The metal duo is suitable for tailoring to the needs of lithium-ion batteries, since the anode is made of copper and the cathode of aluminium. Another application area for AlCunnect includes plug connectors or cable shoes, which allows a reliable connection of aluminium cables to copper contacts. Similarly, electromagnetic coils with aluminium windings can be bound to the copper world. As a final example, AlCunnect is applicable for the production of extruded heat sinks by use of the overlay composite. Such an application leads to an increase in thermal conductivity compared to conventional cooling elements made only of aluminium.